<tfoot> Table Footer (JATS table model)

The footer rows and columns within a JATS table. (This element is based on and intended to be converted easily to the XHMTL tfoot element.)


<tfoot> holds table metadata just as the table header rows do, for those tables that have metadata at both the head and the foot. The footer is defined separately from the body of a table so that table processing software can treat it differently, for example, making the table footer bold or repeating the footer when a table breaks across pages.
Related Elements
This container element for rows and columns should not be confused with the <table-wrap-foot>, which is not more rows and columns, but a region of a full table (<table-wrap>) that contains footnotes, general notes to the table which are not explicitly called out in the table, or merely paragraphs of information about the table that appear after the last row.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT %tfoot.qname;  %tfoot.content; >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Sample

Column headers (<thead>) and a <tfoot>

<table-wrap id="TN0.170">
  <p>Numbers of patients receiving institutional care at
   the end of scheduled follow up and use of hospital beds
   among those allocated to day hospital or alternative
 <table frame="box" rules="all" cellpadding="5">
    <th colspan="3" align="center" rowspan="1">Institutional care</th>
    <th colspan="2" align="center" rowspan="1">&#x2003;Bed use (days)</th>
    <td align="center">Patients</td>
    <td align="center">Patients</td>
    <td align="center">Odds ratio</td>
    <td align="center">Patients</td>
    <td align="center">Patients</td>
    <td colspan="3"><hr/></td>
    <td colspan="2"><hr/></td>
    <td>Control group</td>
    <td align="center">Day hospital</td>
    <td align="center">Control</td>
    <td align="center">Odds ratio (95% CI)</td>
    <td align="center">Day hospital</td>
    <td align="center">Control</td>
    <td colspan="6"><hr/></td>
    <td>Comprehensive care (5 trials)</td>
    <td align="center">151/597<xref ref-type="table-fn" 
    <td align="center">159/584</td>
    <td align="center">0.91 (0.70 to 1.19)</td>
    <td align="center">20.5</td>
    <td align="center">21.4</td>
    <td>Domiciliary care (4 trials)</td>
    <td align="center">20/216</td>
    <td align="center">&#x2002;19/227</td>
    <td align="center">1.61 (0.30 to 8.55)</td>
    <td align="center">&#x2002;7.7</td>
    <td align="center">11.1</td>
    <td>No comprehensive care (3 trials)</td>
    <td align="center">37/411</td>
    <td align="center">&#x2002;66/403</td>
    <td align="center">0.50<xref ref-type="table-fn" 
      rid="TF1-151"></xref> (0.26 to 0.96)</td>
    <td align="center">11.2</td>
    <td align="center">11.7</td>
    <td align="center">208/1224</td>
    <td align="center">244/1214</td>
    <td align="center">0.77 (0.52 to 1.13)</td>
    <td align="center">15.0</td>
    <td align="center">16.4</td>
   <fn id="TF1-150"><p>Data not available for 1 trial.</p></fn>
   <fn id="TF1-151"><p>P&lt;0.05 (random effects model).</p></fn>