BITS 2.0 to BITS 2.1 Change Report

All of the changes between BITS 2.0 and 2.1 are backward compatible. This means that all documents that were valid according to BITS 2.0 will be valid according to BITS 2.1. Note that, unlike previous backwards compatible revisions in the JATS family, nothing in a BITS 2.0 document will need to change; not even the @dtd-version attribute. (In previous versions, the @dtd-version attribute allowed only the current value; it now allows previous versions as well as the current value.)
Changes Based on Requests form BITS Users
Changes Based on Updates to JATS
BITS is based on the JATS Archiving model. Since BITS was last revised JATS version 1.3 has been released. Because one of the goals of BITS is to enable JATS articles to become BITS book parts with minimal changes to body of the article and relatively few changes to the article metadata, BITS adopts most changes to JATS. Echoing JATS changes, the following changes have been made in this version of BITS: