<related-article> Related Article Information

Description of a journal article related to the content of a book or book component. May include a link to the related article.


This element has 2 uses:
  • First, inside the book metadata, book part metadata, or collection metadata where multiple <related-article> elements can name various related articles; and
  • Second, in textual content throughout the book or book part.
Whether used in the metadata or within the text, <related-article> permits the description of all types of “related” references wherever these occur in a book. The @related-article-type attribute can be used to name the type or purpose of the relationship. Examples include:
  • companion articles relating to or describing the book or book part,
  • a news item that summarizes or announces the publication of the book,
  • a quiz on the material contained in the book, or
  • an article for which this book is an expansion or reaction.
Related Elements
There are two linking elements in this Tag Set that can be used to point related objects:
  • The <related-article> names related journal articles, such as a short news piece describing or reviewing the document, and
  • The <related-object> names other sorts of related sources, such as a dataset, a related book, or a figure from another published source.

Base Attributes


Models and Context
May be contained in
<abbrev>, <abstract>, <ack>, <addr-line>, <aff>, <alt-title>, <anonymous>, <answer>, <app>, <app-group>, <article-title>, <attrib>, <award-id>, <bio>, <body>, <bold>, <book-app-group>, <book-meta>, <book-part-meta>, <book-title>, <book-volume-id>, <book-volume-number>, <boxed-text>, <chapter-title>, <chem-struct>, <collab>, <collection-meta>, <comment>, <compound-kwd-part>, <conf-acronym>, <conf-loc>, <conf-name>, <conf-num>, <conf-sponsor>, <conf-theme>, <copyright-statement>, <corresp>, <def-head>, <degrees>, <disp-formula>, <disp-quote>, <edition>, <element-citation>, <email>, <etal>, <explanation>, <ext-link>, <fax>, <fixed-case>, <funding-source>, <funding-statement>, <given-names>, <glossary>, <gov>, <index>, <index-div>, <index-group>, <inline-formula>, <inline-supplementary-material>, <institution>, <issue>, <issue-part>, <issue-title>, <italic>, <kwd>, <label>, <license-p>, <meta-name>, <meta-value>, <mixed-citation>, <monospace>, <named-book-part-body>, <named-content>, <nav-pointer>, <notes>, <on-behalf-of>, <option>, <overline>, <p>, <part-title>, <patent>, <phone>, <prefix>, <preformat>, <product>, <publisher-loc>, <publisher-name>, <question>, <question-preamble>, <rb>, <ref-list>, <related-article>, <related-object>, <role>, <roman>, <sans-serif>, <sc>, <sec>, <sec-meta>, <see>, <see-also>, <see-also-entry>, <see-entry>, <self-uri>, <series>, <serif>, <sig>, <sig-block>, <source>, <speaker>, <std-organization>, <strike>, <string-conf>, <string-date>, <string-name>, <styled-content>, <sub>, <subject>, <subtitle>, <suffix>, <sup>, <supplement>, <support-source>, <surname>, <target>, <td>, <term>, <term-head>, <th>, <title>, <toc>, <toc-div>, <toc-entry>, <toc-group>, <trans-abstract>, <trans-source>, <trans-subtitle>, <trans-title>, <underline>, <unstructured-kwd-group>, <uri>, <verse-line>, <version>, <volume>, <volume-id>, <volume-series>, <volume-title>, <xref>
Any combination of:
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  related-article
                        (#PCDATA %related-article-elements;)*        >
Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | inline-supplementary-material | related-article | related-object | hr | break | bold | fixed-case | italic | monospace | overline | overline-start | overline-end | roman | sans-serif | sc | serif | strike | underline | underline-start | underline-end | ruby | alternatives | inline-graphic | inline-media | private-char | chem-struct | inline-formula | journal-id | label | tex-math | mml:math | abbrev | index-term | index-term-range-end | milestone-end | milestone-start | named-content | styled-content | annotation | article-title | chapter-title | collab | collab-alternatives | comment | conf-acronym | conf-date | conf-loc | conf-name | conf-sponsor | data-title | date | date-in-citation | day | edition | email | elocation-id | etal | ext-link | fpage | gov | institution | institution-wrap | isbn | issn | issn-l | issue | issue-id | issue-part | issue-title | lpage | month | name | name-alternatives | object-id | page-range | part-title | patent | person-group | pub-id | publisher-loc | publisher-name | role | season | series | size | source | std | string-date | string-name | supplement | trans-source | trans-title | uri | version | volume | volume-id | volume-series | year | fn | target | xref | sub | sup | x)*

Tagged Sample

Article related to a section

   <contrib contrib-type="author">
     <given-names>Donna B.</given-names></name>
  <related-article related-article-type="companion" ext-link-type="doi" 
    xlink:href="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25604847" vol="52"
   <person-group person-group-type="author">
   <article-title>Geographic migration of black and white 
    families over four generations</article-title>
   <year iso-8601-date="2015-02">2015</year>
   <pub-id pub-id-type="doi">10.1007/s13524-014-0368-8</pub-id>
 <title>Socio-economic Aspects of the Great Migration</title>