<table-wrap-foot> Table Wrapper Footer

Container element to hold the footnotes, general notes, or other paragraphs at the end of a table. This element does not contain tabular data.


Footnotes referenced in a table may be stored here, as may general notes to the table which are not explicitly called out in the table, or merely paragraphs of information about the table that appear after the last row.
Display/Formatting Note
This element is typically displayed as one or more block paragraphs of text directly following a table.
Related Elements
This element should not be confused with the JATS table footer element (<tfoot>), based on and designed to be converted easily to the XHTML 1.1 table foot element. The XHTML-inspired table foot contains rows and columns in the same structure as the header and body of a table.
This element should also not be confused with the <notes> element, which is a section for notes, typically at the end of a book part.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  table-wrap-foot
                        %table-wrap-foot-model;                      >
Expanded Content Model

(label?, title?, (p | fn-group | fn | attrib | permissions | x)+)

Tagged Sample

Containing footnotes

<table-wrap id="bid.269">
  <title>Files on the taxonomy FTP site.</title>
 <table frame="box" rules="all" cellpadding="5">
    <th align="left" valign="top">File</th>
    <th align="left" valign="top">Uncompresses to</th>
    <th align="left" valign="top">Description</th>
    <td align="left" valign="top">taxdump.tar.Z<xref ref-type="fn"
    <td align="left" valign="top">readme.txt</td>
    <td align="left" valign="top">A terse description of the 
     dmp files</td>
    <td align="left" valign="top"></td>
    <td align="left" valign="top">nodes.dmp</td>
    <td align="left" valign="top">Structure of the database; 
     lists each taxid with its parent taxid, rank, and other 
     values associated with each node (genetic codes, etc.)</td>
  <fn symbol="a" id="mul2">
   <p>For non-UNIX users, the file taxdmp.zip includes the
    same (zip compressed) data.</p>
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