<collection-meta> Collection Metadata

Bibliographic metadata describing a book set or series to which this book or book part belongs.


This series metadata may not be complete enough to produce a publisher’s catalog; this is just the series metadata that travels with a book or book part wrapper. By design, this will NOT include metadata concerning other books in the series.
The BITS Tag Set is deliberately agnostic concerning the definition of a book series or a book set, leaving the question of definition to the publisher.
Related Elements
Back Matter — Books and book parts do not use the same element for their back matter. Books may contain a <book-back> element, which may contain <book-part> elements. In contrast, book parts may contain a <back> element, similar to that of journal articles, and this <back> cannot contain <book-part> elements.
Parts of a Book — A BITS <book> may be divided into several metadata components:
  1. the <processing-meta> (metadata concerning the XML file rather than the work); and
  2. the <collection-meta> (metadata concerning collections in which this book is a component); and
  3. the <book-meta> (the bibliographic information about the entire book);
and several narrative text components:
  1. the <front-matter> (the narrative front matter of a book or book part such as a Preface);
  2. the <book-body> (the textual and graphical content of the book); and
  3. any <book-back> (any ancillary information such as a glossary, reference list, or appendix).

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  collection-meta
                        %collection-meta-model;                      >
Expanded Content Model

(collection-id*, subj-group*, title-group?, (contrib-group | aff | aff-alternatives | x)*, author-notes?, content-language*, pub-date*, pub-history*, volume-in-collection*, issn*, issn-l?, isbn*, publisher*, edition*, permissions?, (self-uri)*, (related-article | related-object)*, (abstract)*, trans-abstract*, (kwd-group)*, funding-group*, conference*, counts?, custom-meta-group*, (notes)*)

Tagged Sample

Describing a book series

   <title>Balisage Series on Markup Technologies</title>
   <volume-title>Proceedings of Balisage: The Markup Conference 
   <publisher-name>Mulberry Technologies, Inc.</publisher-name>
   <p>The <italic>Balisage Series on Markup Technologies</italic> 
    is an occasional series that includes the proceedings of 
    conferences, symposia, and other markup-related events.</p>
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