<sec> Section

Headed group of material; the basic structural unit of the body of a document.


A very short book or chapter may contain nothing but paragraphs (and other paragraph-level elements such as figures and tables), but most books and book components are divided into either titled book parts (<book-part>) or titled sections (<sec>).
A section must have some sort of title, so that, for example, a Table of Contents can be automatically generated. Therefore, this Tag Set requires that a section be tagged with (minimally) either a <title> or a <label>. A section may be tagged with both.
Sections are recursive, that is, various levels of sections are indicated by containment, not by different names for the subsections. A <sec> element may contain lower level sections that are also tagged using the <sec> element, not tagged explicitly as <sec2>, <sec3>, or <subsec1>, etc.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
The following, in order:
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  sec          %sec-model;                                  >
Expanded Content Model

((object-id)*, sec-meta?, label?, title?, subtitle*, alt-title*, (address | alternatives | answer | answer-set | array | boxed-text | chem-struct-wrap | code | explanation | fig | fig-group | graphic | media | name-address-wrap | preformat | question | question-wrap | question-wrap-group | supplementary-material | table-wrap | table-wrap-group | disp-formula | disp-formula-group | def-list | list | tex-math | mml:math | p | related-article | related-object | ack | disp-quote | speech | statement | verse-group | x)*, (sec)*, (notes | fn-group | glossary | ref-list | sig-block)*)

Tagged Sample

Nested sections in the <book-body>

<book dtd-version="2.1">  
  <book-part id="bid.1" book-part-type="part">
    <book-part id="bid.2" book-part-type="chapter">
       <title>GenBank: The Nucleotide Sequence Database</title>
       <p>The GenBank sequence database is an annotated collection ...</p>
      <sec id="bid.3">
       <p>Initially, GenBank was built and maintained at Los Alamos National 
        Laboratory ...</p>
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