<book-title-group> Book Title Group

A container element for the various title elements that might be used for the book.
Related Elements
The very similar element <title-group> is used only at the book part (<book-part>) level, for book parts both named and generic as well as Indexes and Tables of Contents. The <book-title-group> is only used inside the <book-meta> element of a book or book part wrapper.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  book-title-group
                        %book-title-group-model;                     >
Expanded Content Model

(label?, book-title?, subtitle*, trans-title-group*, alt-title*, fn-group?)

Tagged Sample

Title and subtitle in the book metadata

<book dtd-version="2.1">  
  <book-id book-id-type="doi">...</book-id>
  <book-id book-id-type="other">endocrin</book-id>
   <subtitle>An Integrated Approach</subtitle>
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