<isbn> ISBN

International Standard Book Number, the international code for identifying a particular product form or edition of a publication, typically a monographic publication.


ISBNs can be assigned to books, reports, standards documents, conference proceedings, and dissertations.
Within an ISBN, spacing, hyphens, and punctuation should be preserved.
If there is more than one ISBN, the @content-type attribute may be used to differentiate between ISBNs or explain the reason for a particular ISBN.
Within Metadata
The <isbn> element can be used to record all such numbers inside metadata for books, book parts and collections.
Within Citations and Other Referencing Elements
This element can also be used inside bibliographic citations to books (<element-citation> and <mixed-citation>) as well as within other referencing elements such as <related-object>. Within a mixed-style citation, the text “ISBN:”, if present, should be kept as text within the citation but not placed inside the <isbn> element. Within an element-style citation, the text “ISBN:”, if present, should be removed from the citation and also not placed inside the <isbn> element.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Any combination of:
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  isbn         (#PCDATA %isbn-elements;)*                   >
Expanded Content Model

(#PCDATA | x)*

Tagged Samples
Inside book and book-part metadata
  <book-title>Wildflowers of the Washington Area</book-title>
  <contrib contrib-type="author">
    <given-names>Deborah A.</given-names></name>
  <contrib contrib-type="author">
    <given-names>B. Tommie</given-names></name>
 <pub-date iso-8601-date="2002"><year>2002</year></pub-date>
  <publisher-name>Lippman, Ltd.</publisher-name>
  <publisher-loc>Bethesda, MD</publisher-loc>
 <isbn content-type="conf-proc">978-0-7354-1164-7</isbn>
 <fpage seq="1">113</fpage>
In <product>
 <source>Image-Guided Radiation Therapy in Lymphoma Management. 
 The Increasing Role of Functional Imaging</source>. 
 <name name-style="western"><surname>Macklis</surname>
 <given-names>R. M.</given-names></name>; 
 <name name-style="western"><surname>Conti</surname>
 <given-names>P. S.</given-names></name>. 
 <publisher-name>Informa Healthcare</publisher-name>, 
 Essex, United Kingdom, 2010, Price: <price>$324.00</price>. 
 ISBN: <isbn>9781420058741</isbn>, 80 p. (hardcover)