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paddingsee @cellpadding


page count in citationssee Length and Size

page identifiersee <elocation-id>

Page of Related Article


page rangesee @page


Page Ranges

pagessee <elocation-id>





parishuse <state>


partuse <book-part>

participating-researchers (contributor was a researcher for an article.)see @fn-type

part metadatause <book-part-meta>




Part Title in a Citation


patent, cited examplesee Patent



patent nameuse <patent>

Patent Number, Cited

patronymicsee <surname>


pedigree, namesee <suffix>


<permissions> Permissions

Permissions Attributes



personal namessee Multiple Versions of a Name

personal names in citationssee Names and String Names in Citations




Person Group for a Cited Publication








Phone Number: in an Address

photocreditsuse <attrib>

photographersee <role>




physical locationsee <conf-loc>

picturesee <inline-graphic>


Pixels Datatype parameter entitysee %Pixels.datatype;

place of publicationuse <publisher-loc>

plain listsee @list-type

platesee @fig-type

plate sectionsee <fig-group>

@platforms Platforms

podcast name (in bibliographic entry)use <source>

poemuse <verse-group>

poem indentinguse @indent-level

poem linesee <verse-line>


Pointer to Object Described in Explanation

@pointer-to-question Pointer to Question

@position Position

postal addressuse <address>

postal boxuse <addr-line>

<postal-code> Postal Code


%postal-code-elements; Postal Code Elements

postboxsee <addr-line>

postcodesee <addr-line>

post nomsee <degrees>see <suffix>

post-publication-noteuse <notes>

postulate, mathematicaluse <statement>

precissee <abstract>

<preface> Preface



preferred termsee @term-status

prefixsee <label>

<prefix> Prefix


prefix charactersee @list-type



Prefix Word (For a List Item)





Preformatted Text


preprintsee <content-version>

preprint datesee @date-type

preprint release datesee <pub-date-not-available>

present-address (contributor's current address)see @fn-type

presented-at (conference, colloquium, or other occasion at which this paper was presented)see @fn-type

presented-by (contributor who presented the material)see @fn-type

preserve whitespacesee @xml:space

previously-at (contributor's previous location or affiliation)see @fn-type

<price> Price




Primary Content Language Attributes

Primary Content Language Elements

<principal-award-recipient> Principal Award Recipient



<principal-investigator> Principal Investigator



printingsee <edition>

print onlyuse @specific-use


Private Character (Custom or Unicode)



private-use characteruse <glyph-data>see <private-char>see @description

proceedings citationssee Conferences in Citations

processing alternativessee Tagging Alternative Versions

processing historyuse <pub-history>



Processing Metadata

Processing Metadata Container Attributes

Processing Metadata Group


produceruse <role>





Product Information


professional certificationuse <degrees>

professoruse <degrees>

programsee <aff>

programming codeuse <code>

Programming Languagesee @language

project administrationsee <role>

pronunciation filesee <inline-media>

proofsee <content-version>

proof, mathematicaluse <statement>

proposition, mathematicaluse <statement>

provinceuse <state>

pseudo-codesee <code>














publication datesee @date-type

Publication Date

Publication Date Class Elements

Publication Date Not Available Attributes

Publication Date Not Available Flag

Publication Date Not Available Model


Publication History

Publication Identifier for a Cited Publication

publications typessee “Type” of Cited Work


<publisher> Publisher


publisher informationsee <publisher-loc>see <publisher-name>









Publisher’s Location

Publisher’s Name

pubmed idsee <object-id>

punctuation in citationssee Mixed Style Citationssee Element Style Citations

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