<book-part-id> Book Part Identifier

An identifier, such as a DOI or archive control number, for a <book-part>.


The @book-part-id-type attribute should be used to name the type of identifier, such as “doi”. There is a separate element for the ISBNs (<isbn>) related to a <book-part>.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Text, numbers, or special characters
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  book-part-id (#PCDATA)                                    >
Tagged Sample

Publisher-provided identifier

   <book-part-id book-part-id-type="publisher">NBK98243</book-part-id>
   <p>Effectiveness and Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, systematic
    reviews of existing research on the effectiveness, comparative effectiveness,
    and comparative harms of different medical tests, are intended ...</p>
   <p>The <italic>Methods Guide for Medical Test Reviews</italic> complements
   <p>The series of chapters comprising this Medical Test Methods Guide
    is the result of a collaborative effort ...</p>