supplement-type Type of Supplement

Type of supplement or the reason for the supplement (for example, “conference” for a supplement containing information from a conference or symposium).


In BITS, this element is used only inside citations and other referencing elements such as related articles. The content of this element indicates the type of supplement or reason for the supplement (if the publisher has recorded that information), for example:
for supplements to a particular journal issue
for supplements containing information from a conference, symposium, or other gathering
for supplements issued at regular intervals
for supplements concerning a particular subject area
OPTIONAL on element: <supplement>
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters The type or reason for the supplement, for example, “conference” or “issue”.
Restriction @supplement-type is an optional attribute; there is no default.
Tagged Sample

A supplement dedicated to a particular topic

<element-citation publication-type="journal" publication-format="print">
 <article-title>Creating Gardens to Attract Butterflies</article-title>
 <source>Envtl. Gardening</source>
 <year iso-8601-date="2013-04">2013</year><month>April</month>
 <supplement supplement-type="topic">Suppl A</supplement>